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We are a company of soccer players company located in Orlando, Florida, United States of America with ten years of experience in the soccer field.


Our main goal is to offer all the necessary tools for those players that wish to step forward in their conviction to become professional soccer players. We have the best specialists to perform a complete analysis of the players in order to offer them the club/academy that best suits their capabilities.


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The company Marlex International LLC was incorporated by Alexis Urueña, ex-soccer player at professional and semi-professional level in Spain. Currently, he is a certified soccer coach with license from the "Union of European Football Associations A" (UEFA A), having also other qualifications and credentials making him a prepared and qualified coach.

During more than a 20 year-period, Alexis Urueña dedicated part of his life to be a soccer player, where he had the opportunity to develop as a professional soccer player in important clubs at national level in Spain.

Alexis Urueña revealed that one of his secrets is to fight for his goals in every moment. He believes that every player has a team where they can stand out and develop as soccer player.  

Orlando, FL, United States


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