international program

Our International Program provides to youth soccer players  from 14 to 23 years old, the opportunity to enjoy trainings in Spanish clubs with the aim of improving the athletes' soccer experience. 



Players will be able to test their soccer skills and live a unique cultural experience in the country with the most soccer participation in the world.

Soccer Stadium

Spanish Clubs

We work with different clubs as a soccer scout in their international department.


We have the best specialists to perform a complete analysis of the players in order to provide them with the club that best suits their capabilities. 

cultural y deportiva leonesa

Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa is a Spanish soccer club since 1923, located in the city of Leon.  

The team is currently participating in the Second Division B of the National League in Spain. 

Union Adarve is a Spanish soccer club located in Madrid city. 


They have been training soccer players since 1992 and the team is currently participating in the Group VII of the Third Division of the National League in Spain.


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Union Adarve

Giancarlo Limones Borja

Marlex International gave me the opportunity to make my dreams of playing soccer in Spain a reality. Not only with professional training but with great contacts locally. I now live in Elche, Spain and I will be playing with Club Costa City Elche Promesas. Great experience and working hard to be a professional player.

Santiago Lengua

I moved to Spain in August 2019. Marlex International gave me the opportunity to join a new team where the style of play is stronger, faster and more competitive. Thanks to them, I can continue to realize my dream.

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