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Marlex Soccer is a program specially designed on the development of soccer techniques through the construction of a learning process focused on the evolution of the youth soccer player.

The program is aimed at boys and girls, between 4 and 23 years old, who want to improve their performance on the soccer field. 


Our program provides a complete high-level training session based on the direction, coordination, and application of techniques at each stage of the soccer player training. 

Our methodology focuses on the integration of physical, technical, tactical, and psychological preparation. 

Integral Player







Our private training session concentrates on individual performance in order to evaluate and improve technical soccer skills, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, speed, agility, and more. 







Our group training session focuses on the development of the cognitive skills, leadership, team building, and game outline: attack, defense-offensive transition, and defense. 

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Walter Cevallos,  U14

One of the reasons I like to train with Marlex Soccer is his high level of knowledge of soccer. Also, that he always pushes me to do my best. I enjoy every session and it provides  high-quality soccer training.  

Gabrielle Privitera, U23

Marlex Soccer offers me a complete and professional training. It also allows me to train with some of the best players in Orlando, FL, while I'm working hard and getting closer to my best version.

Edgar Guzman, U19

Marlex Soccer can help you improve on your technique, skills, defense, and most importantly, get you more physical.

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